Ufocus media treats every employee with sincerity, regardless of background, age and gender.

We firmly believe: talent is the most critical factor for business success! We are looking for the best person, do our best to provide better resources and services for everyone, and help realize the greatest value of life!

Eufocus media attaches great importance to the talents, efforts and efforts of each employee, and always regards each employee as "family", so that the employees and the enterprise can share the fruits of success together in common development.

Training to grow

Unifocus media organizes training and learning regularly to improve professional skills, and new employees have special training.

The annual travel

Ufocus media provides employees with annual travel to ensure that they can enjoy life after work.

Department activity

Ufocus media provides employees with a variety of department building activities, promotes the growth of employees and team integration, and promotes the development of the company's business.


Ufocus media provides healthy and delicious work meals for employees, and they can enjoy lunch in a clean and comfortable restaurant.

Annual leave

Ufocus media offers paid annual leave to balance work and life, with employees taking annual leave ranging from 5 to 12 days.

Paid vacation

Unifocus media provides employees with a wealth of paid holidays, all statutory holidays.


Ufocus media provides employees with twice a year salary adjustment and promotion opportunities.

Annual bonus

Ufocus media offers generous year-end bonuses to its employees.

The commencement is

The boss warm heart pressure red envelope, wish every employee in the New Year to a higher level.


Not only can Youzhong provide you a job ,but also give you a sense of self-identity, so that evey employee can feel proud as a part of Youzhong.
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